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    365 days. 365 women. 365 stories of influence.

    AgWomen wants to celebrate the stories of women who help to shape the primary industries. So for a whole year, they plan to share a story a day, across their Facebook, Instagram and website, all culminating in a coffee table book containing the different profiles. They’ve already got over 100 names signed up, and have written and edited 30 stories, which they’ve begun sharing!

    But to progress to the next step they need your help – so we chatted to “Agvocate” Chelsea Miller about why you should be supporting this ambitious project:

    Why do you think this campaign is important?

    We’ve created this initiative on the premise that no longer the theory of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ is a negative one, rather creates an opportunity to celebrate success and share the stories of women who help to shape the Primary Industry. It is about celebrating these women’s contribution, encouraging the next generation to follow in their footsteps and connect a global community of like-minded people who can celebrate their successes together. So often women’s stories are forgotten and we are about bringing them to the forefront, so others are inspired to lead, make change, and understand that they are an equal in a partnership which is heading in the same direction.

    What motivated you to reach out to your crowd?

    There are many organisations out there helping to educate women and bring them together in a social context, but so often their stories aren’t shared beyond their own communities. We want to change this with AgWomen Global. Not only do these organisations have rich AgWomen stories, they believe in our values and what we’re trying to achieve so wanted them to feel as though they are part of a bigger journey. This is another way they can support women and give them the confidence to excel, so that’s why we reached out to them for support through a PledgeMe campaign.

    What do you have planned for the rest of the campaign?

    We are starting to pull together the coffee table book from around June, ready for release in March 2018. There is a plan to get some more dynamic content produced to showcase some of the AgWomen stories, but is funds dependent. Ultimately though, MORE INSPIRING STORIES 🙂

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    A huge thank you to those who have already supported us, from pledging, through to wider communications to their networks, to those who’ve given names and stories for us to share. Without our crowd we couldn’t possibly deliver inspiration to the women of the world who are involved and want to be involved in the Primary Industry. We would merely be a name with no content. 

    Our team thanks you for allowing us to share your success – you all inspire us every day!

    To support AgWomen and help them keep on sharing success, pledge to their campaign right here.

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