The very young Look Through Our Eyes team.

    Here at PledgeMe we encourage everyone to try to try and fund the things they care about. And age is no barrier to successful running a crowdfunding campaign. We’ve had a whole bunch of great projects on PledgeMe reach their goals and do really cool things. Examples here, here, and here.

    So when 19-year-old Indy Griffiths approached us looking to run an equity crowdfunding campaign for his kickass company Parent Interviews, we were stoked! As far as we know he is the youngest person to ever equity crowdfund anywhere in the world and he’s making the most of the opportunity.

    Indy pitching at BNZ Startup Alley 2014.

    Parent Interviews started as Indy’s school project in 2013 when he was at Bayfield High. A couple of years later he has transformed it into a company which has already helped over 23,000 students manage over 400,000 interviews so far.

    It’s a simple concept: help schools and parents arrange parent-teacher interviews with less stress and hassle than the ol’ fashioned way. And people are loving it. Parent Interviews has been getting a bit of media coverage, from the ODT to WIRED online.

    Now with just over a week to go and with more than half their goal pledged, Indy is gearing up to scale his product internationally. There’s no reason why teachers all over the world can’t use his platform to arrange their interviews too. This is one lad with a bright future.

    If you want to invest in Parent Interviews then check out their offer.


    1. well, I believe my kids just beat him on the age thing. They wanted to take their leathercraft to a trade show, the Brazos Valley Fair and Expo, in October and I told them that I would get them a vendor booth if they raised money for supplies. They convinced me to help them with a Kickstarter campaign and we are off and running. The brother and sister team are 5 (going on 6) and 8, respectively. We are starting to get local media also.

      A proud Dad.

    2. Hi Stephen,

      That’s super cute! Your kids def are some of the youngest crowdfunders we’ve heard of, but sadly they haven’t beaten Indy yet. Indy was doing *equity* crowdfunding — which is a little bit different to what your kids have been up to.

      Good on them though and maybe in a few years when they can legally form a company they’ll take Indy’s crown off of him.

      A Proud Crowdfunding Platform.

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