We’re going to miss you, Jen


    So, it’s official. Jen is going full time into producing fab female comedy, and leaving an O’Sullivan sized hole in our hearts (and team).


    We’ve spent the past few days trying to talk her out of it. Now, it’s time to confront the fact that Jen knows best. And, if we move quick, she’ll be able to train Jen 2.0 in the wonderful art of People Wrangling before she goes.


    We’ve written up a list of our favourite Jen qualities, which we think will help anyone thinking about applying:


    1) Jen makes us laugh, a lot. Like that time she accidentally bought 30 bottles of almost expired Passionfruit lube, and gave it away to everyone on Twitter. (EDIT: Jen has confirmed it wasn’t really an accident).

    2) Jen is nice to everyone, and deftly guides even the technically scared through the process of creating project campaigns

    3) She has mermaid hair. Which Rory thinks is the best.

    4) And a handy supply of chocolate (which Anna eats most of)

    5) But, most of all, she really cares about us all. Through the highs and cheese lows, she’s been there with us. And we’re going to miss her greatly.


    Be forewarned Jen, we’re going to be the loud and rowdy audience members at all of your shows.


    (If you’re interested in applying to be Chief People Wrangler, here’s the job description. Send your CV’s by 1 June to lana@pledgeme.co.nz – you can be Auckland or Wellington based).

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