Saving the World Through Video Games

    There are only 55 Maui’s dolphins left in the entire world. Their species teeters on the brink of extinction, along with NZ’s other natives, the Hector’s dolphin. Very little is being done to protect these species. But Gamestarter, the team behind Plunge Free Dive, are determined to change that.

    Plunge free dive
    Plunge Free Dive is a game based on the awe-inspiring feats of William Trubridge, freediving World Champion and double world record holder. In 2010, Trubridge not only set the world record for freediving (101m on just one breath!) but by doing it for Project Hector, brought the desperate position of Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins to the world’s attention.

    William Trubridge

    That’s what the creators behind Plunge Free Dive want to recapture. In their game, players train as William Trubridge for his record-breaking event, with a chance to experience the real-life exercises Trubridge underwent to perform his feat, and the occasional opportunity to save dolphins from fishing nets as they dive. Through this interactive medium, Gamestarter aim to raise awareness about the dolphins’ plight and help the player to understand the need to take action.


    But they need your help to do it. Gamestarter have to raise $10,000 to develop the game, and they’re offering everything from blowfish t-shirts to the chance to design your own customised character as rewards! Check out their amazing campaign here and help make a real difference to our native dolphins.

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