WANTED: One Chief Tech Wrangler

    With our equity crowdfunding campaign almost over, we’re looking to grow our team! First person we want to get on board is a chief tech wrangler.

    Check out the job description below and get in touch if you think you could fit in with these clowns:Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.05.59 pm

    Job Description: Chief Tech Wrangler
    Hours: Full time
    Location: Wellington
    Rate: Dependent on skills / experience
    Applications close: 10 August

    We are looking for our first in house full time tech person. We’re pretty excited (but not too overwhelmingly here-are-all-the-things-we-want-yesterday excited… we promise. We may have a wishlist though).

    To date, we’ve had Rabid supporting our technical development and growth. But, with our most recent round we’ve decided it’s time to grow our team to include someone full-time in the team working on our technology. There are two potential scenarios that we can imagine happening with this role:

    1) Someone who has a few small side projects under their belt, but needs some support
    Able to do day-to-day tweaks, but supported by the Rabid team with code review and training particularly during the first 3-6 months in the role. Rabid staff will pair with you regularly and help set technical direction over the mid term, with the expectation that you’d grow into a senior role within PledgeMe. You would learn and grow in the role with us (and Rabid) but you would need to be able to self direct your learning and be able to ask for help.

    2) Someone a bit more “been there / done that”
    Able to jump straight in and get going with new features, day-to-day tweaks and help plan our longer term tech road map. Will need to be comfortable in ruby and javascript. You’d still have the support of Rabid, but would be less reliant on their support than the position above. You’d be setting the tech direction, and pulling in help as needed.

    For either role, we’re looking for someone who:

    • wants to help kiwis fund the things they care about
    • is ok not just getting down with the work at hand, but is up for having a little fun while you’re at it.
    • will celebrate the highs and commiserate the lows while we’re building ole ship PledgeMe. Sometimes the lows happen on weekends.
    • you get bonus points if you’ve done a crowdfunding campaign in the past.

    The PledgeMe stack includes:

    • Ubuntu 12.04
    • Postgresql database
    • Ruby on Rails web framework
    • JQuery javascript library

    Please send through your applications (CV and an email talking about why you want to work / play with us) to Lana by 5 PM 10 August.

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