Equity Crowdfunding doesn’t sleep

    Remember the movie Wall Street?

    It’s that 126 minute long(fictional/realistic) summary of what’s completely wrong with the finance industry. There’s this particularly famous quote by the main character Gordon Gekko:

    “Money never sleeps, pal!”


    I’ve heard this quote recycled by Investment Bankers and Fund Managers in relation to their occupation and to capital raising.

    We get it: you go hard or go home.

    The irony is that they’re pretty wrong. They sleep, eat and (hopefully) exercise. Their work – unless seamlessly and continuously transferred from New York to Singapore to London – pauses with life outside the suit and glass skyscraper.

    Equity Crowdfunding actually doesn’t sleep.

    When we take breaks to live our lives like the rest of the world our technology and platform keeps turning over: pages load, videos stream, offer documents are read and money is invested. At all hours.

    PledgeMe is now ten successful campaigns deep since Nov 2014. When our second capital raise closes at 6PM tomorrow we will have raised somewhere between $2.8 and $3.2 million dollars for Kiwi companies.

    Ten successes later here is when pledgers utilise our our platform to invest**


    • All 24 hours have seen investors pledge on our platform
    • 45% of investors pledge between 6pm-midnight
    • 47% of investors pledge during ‘regular’ hours (9am-5:59pm)


    Financial Technology has made Gordon Gekko’s mantra a reality in the investment context and PledgeMe is here to use the power for good not evil, pal.


    ** Yeastie Boys aren’t included because they’re awesome and raised a world record half a million dollars in half an hour and this would have messed all the data up (yes Yeasties’ you are the exception & not the norm)
    ** PledgeMe 2 – our second equity raise ins’t included because it closes tomorrow at 6PM

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