Two nights of server issues

    Update: the form below was closed for new pledges from 7:45am on Thursday, 10 May.

    The last two nights are not what we strive to do with PledgeMe. We aim to help kiwis fund the things they care about. And it’s hard to fund the things you care about when the servers go down.

    On our first night launching Waiapu Investment’s campaign, the servers went down because of a search issue on our website affecting our database servers. Or so we thought.

    On our second night, the servers went down because of the sheer load. And, even scaling the number of our servers (which we had pre-emptively started) didn’t help.

    We had five times more load than our quickest campaign to $2 million.  We had anticipated double from the statistics of Waiapu’s first night.


    So what’s happening now?

    If you would like to invest in Hikurangi Enterprises, please fill in the form below. The campaign is NOT closed yet – we have manually closed it to use the form instead, but the campaign’s upper goal is still $2,000,000. Disregard any emails you received saying the campaign reached its target – those are due to us manually closing it.

    You will receive email confirmation in the coming days to finalise your pledge, or will be added to the waiting list if the campaign has reached its maximum target.

    If you were pledging to another campaign, we are truly sorry. We will extend those campaigns to give everyone time to pledge.

    If you’re looking for more excellent projects to support, check out these campaigns:

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