The future of the past of Technology?

    There is a lot of talk about the future of technology, but one of our current campaigns wants to celebrate the past. Showcasing collections of technology relics alongside up and coming future tech. They want to create a meeting point, an homage to games past, as well as supporting the technology community in New Zealand.

    “It’s great to go back to your childhood and show your kids the games you used to play. Each of these pieces has its own amazing backstory of people who worked long hours to bring the technology into being.” says Mark Barlow, the main collector and instigator of this campaign.

    Techvana have already exceeded the $50,000 mark, but need to raise $250,000 to set up their company and grow.

    They’ve gotten a bit of media attention:

    As well as a lot of support. They’ve crowdsourced crew to set up the museum, mounting exhibitions through to running Singles Speed dating Night for Geeks (which is on the 27th!).

    But what they need now is investors. People that see the vision, and want to be part of the base of shareholders that want to green light this museum and make it a part of Auckland’s history as well as part of it’s future. Check them out here.

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