Cheers to you, new Shareholders!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who pledged to our campaign yesterday. It was a mix of family, friends, past successes, companies we love, and people we don’t even know. One pledger who we’ve never met before pledged $40,000.

    Now that we’ve walked the talk and eaten our own dogfood by crowdfunding crowdfunding, we’re in a better position to help companies do their own equity rounds. It’s not just an academic thing of understanding the mechanics, we know how it feels to go through the process of dusting off our documentation, corralling our crowd, and hitting the (scary) submit button.

    We’re also chuffed that it all happened in under 24 hours! We pushed that submit button on Monday night and at 6:41 we cracked the $100k mark. This was the fastest equity raise in New Zealand to date.

    Also, we’re hiring an equity crowdfunding champion to take the message about equity crowdfunding out to businesses and help them with their campaigns. So if you think you’d like to be a crowdfunding crusader or know someone who could be get in contact.

    This campaign has been two and a half years of hard work, sweat and tears (no blood yet). So while it may have gone quick, and may have been easy when we hit go, a lot of preparation and crowd building went into the making of this success. Some of the companies we‘re working with at the moment have similarly supportive crowds.

    So thank you all, next time we’ll be toasting with you at our rockin’ AGM. We’re so excited that we get to build crowdfunding in New Zealand with our crowd.

    If you missed out on this round, sign-up here. We’d love to get you on board, if there’s a next time 🙂

    And if your company has been thinking about doing an equity raise now’s the time. Drop me an email or get in touch with the team!

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