Tapping Into a New World of Transport

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    Two former taxi drivers want to change the way we catch rides.

    Simon and Andreas, Tapp’s co-founders, both used to drive taxis for a living. But they noticed that not all their customers were as happy as they could be. Key concerns like safety, uncertainty and efficiency came up time and again – and so they decided to do something about it. So in November 2013, Tapp Limited NZ was incorporated.

    Tapp’s product is a taxi app, which connects passengers with taxis through their smartphones, enabling them to see each other in real time. It also allows the passenger to pay through the app, making the transaction cardless, cashless, and super-streamlined.

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    The taxi industry in New Zealand is a huge and growing market, with more than 8000 registered taxis and over 19 million rides taken each year. Internationally, the situation is even better: in Colombia, taxis are an everyday practice, and more than 1,200,000 rides are taken every day in one city. The operation was officially registered there in May 2014.

    Tapp will make its money through a monthly subscription from drivers and convenience fees from passengers. But in order to start becoming profitable, they need to bring the product to market, and work on risk mitigation. Which is why they’re giving you a chance to get involved!

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    With your help, Tapp can expand this exciting product across New Zealand and the wider world. So what are you waiting for? Check out their equity campaign, and tap into a new world of transport.

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