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    Our country’s waterways are in danger. Despite the rhetoric around “clean green New Zealand”, so far we have failed to effectively manage our wastewater and natural resources. Liquid Waste Treatment Systems wants to change all that.

    Liquid Waste Treatment Systems (LWTS) is a Hawkes Bay company that has developed technology to treat wastewater effectively. Using aerobic granules, they can achieve nitrification, de-nitrification, and biological phosphorus removal at an awesome rate. Put simply: these aerobic granule processes are way better at treating water than anything we have now – and LWTS wants to bring them out of the lab and into the commercial world, where they can start making a real difference.

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    LWTS can either build new wastewater treatment plants or add their technology to existing facilities to make them more effective. Their technology works well across sectors, and will be particularly attractive to local authorities because of its lower cost, greater effect, and smaller footprint. Their mission is to approach the use of this technology in a new way, and improve the way wastewater is treated across New Zealand.

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    And now you have an opportunity to join in that mission! LWTS is offering up to 1,750,000 “B” shares for new investors.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 3.56.34 pm So if you want to make our country a better place for future generations, check out the offer from Liquid Waste Treatment Systems, and get pledging!

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