Snow Rewards in Stockholm

    Interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker Max Bellamy’s recent PledgeMe success allowed him to show his artwork at Stockholm’s independent art fair, SUPERMARKET 2013. Max and Blue Oyster Project Space director Jamie Hanton were able to attend the three day exhibition. Max’s new videowork was showcased alongside artists from over 35 different countries. Talk about international!

    Max fulfilled his promise to certain pledgers by writing their names in the Stockholm snow [above]. Here’s Max and Jamie drawing names into the snow [below]. Brilliant!

    Here’s what Max had to say about his experiences with crowdfunding.

    What did you like about PledgeMe?
    The way it allows an audience to feel personally invested in the outcome of a project and the way it provides a realistic alternative to traditional application based funding sources for creative professionals.

    How did you find the experience?
    Fantastic, the support I received on and off the PledgeMe page was immense and a very encouraging step towards realising the project. The campaign created a fantastic buzz amongst my community of supporters which helped to raise the profile of the whole project.

    Any tips for newbies?
    Be realistic about your target and think outside the square regarding other ways you might fundraise to supplement the money that you receive from your campaign if you need more. Include rewards that you might choose yourself.

    I say crowdfunding, you say:

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