HARD Work Pays Off

    Dunedin-based music act Girl on Girl Action recently exceeded their $5000 PledgeMe project to get their new EP, ‘HARD’ recorded in a studio. Band members, Elena and Pania, now have the opportunity to record five fantastic songs, which draw on subjects such as egos, dating scenes (or lack of) and cold Dunedin winters.

    Bandmember Elena describes the crowdfunding process as ‘work’, explaining that Girl on Girl Action’s success was influenced by the extra effort that went into interaction with pledgers. She recommends projects include update ‘videos, stories, pictures’ in order to keep their audiences aware of their progress.

    Elena believes that PledgeMe is an ‘excellent way to network on a global scale’.

    ‘We were able to reach friends and family and fans all over the world! We liked how simple the layout of the site itself was and how easy it was to update.’ – Elena, Girl On Girl Action.

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