Seeking new onesie wearing People Wrangler

    PledgeMe is onesie central, and while our Chief People Wrangler Tash may never have worn a onesie, she’s taking it one step further and growing a whole new person to rock a onesie out. A PledgeMe baby! (yes, we are patiently waiting to see whether bubs will wear a dinosaur or a panda onesie…)


    [This is what the team would probably look like while discussing Panda’s vs. Dinosaurs – that’s Tash in the red]

    Which means we’re after someone to fill the Tash sized hole in our lives while she is on maternity leave. Chief People Wrangler is an all-encompassing title, which means you may end up doing anything and everything to help ensure the PledgeMe boat sails smoothly. You’ll be the first and last point of contact for Projects, as well as making sure enquiries around PledgeMe.Lend and PledgeMe.Equity are taken care of by the right people.


    No two days are the same, except for the fact that you are constantly inspired by amazing people doing cool things the length of New Zealand.


    Now, here’s a list of Tash specific things that we’ll miss, but that you’re not required to bring to the table:

    • Her ability to knit and talk at the same time
    • Her good humour, even in tense Twitter situations
    • The way she just gets shit done, like the manual she decided to write for you (yes, you). It covers everything you could want to know and she decided to revamp it to be the most useable guide on the planet.
    • The fact that one day she’ll knit us a PledgeMe onesie. Right, Tash??


    Here’s are the general qualities we’re looking for in the perfect People Wrangler:

    • Not afraid to be a bit quirky. We occasionally wear onesies to the office (but only on Wednesdays).
    • Attention to detail – passionate about inbox zero (TBH, inbox ten is fine too)
    • Tech able. No, you don’t need to be able to code C#, but you should know you should be able to work your way around embed code and excel spreadsheets.
    • Empathetic. You need to want to help people, and get the best out of every project creator that comes through your inbox / our office.
    • Able to think on your feet (and office chair). Happy to point out things you think could be improved, then leading the charge to fix ‘em.


    What this actually means day-to-day:

    • Responding promptly to correspondence regarding projects, an understanding of CRM’s would be a bonus!
    • Supporting creators during project creation, and managing all the steps from reviewing initial request to project close out.
    • Financial management – you’ll be in charge of reconciling pledges, and creating payments to be authorised.
    • Answering enquiries in a timely manner – and forwarding on when help needed
    • Support at events (every few months – it’ll be fun, promise)
    • Picking up on the details around what we do on a daily basis, and finding ways to fix or improve our processes.


    Hours: 10-15 hours per week – Must be able to work at least 2 hours per day (Monday to Friday)

    Location: Wellington (though flexibility to work from home)

    Rate: $20-25 p/h (depending on skills and experience)

    Applications close EOP 29 July, and we’ll look to conduct interviews 2nd week of August. Please send your application through to with an email talking about why you love crowdfunding and a link to your LinkedIn (or CV if you really want).


    Ps. We’re really going to miss you Tash!

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