PledgeMe’s month of chocolate!

    Are you choc full of dreams for your project or company? Would you like to make it go a choco-lot further? 

    Announcing the PledgeMe Month of Chocolate.

    This month we celebrate chocolate projects and companies that have successfully crowdfunded with us, and we seek out others, who also share our love of chocolate, to join the PledgeMe crowdfunding whānau.

    We also continue to grow our new ‘PledgeMe Chocolate lovers’ mailing list – for people who want first pick of our most delicious chocolate crowdfunding campaigns. You’re welcome to join too, just click on the link.

    Clear as (chocolate) mud (cake)? 

    We’re a crowdfunding platform, and there are two ways you could work with us to bring more funds into your company or project.

    Equity crowdfunding means you ask your crowd to buy shares in your company so that you can take your operations up a level. You might want to increase your production, reach new markets, or improve another aspect of your business.

    To give you an example, award winning Three Sisters Brewery in Taranaki recently equity crowdfunded $520,000 with us from a crowd of 174 people. They’re now able to quadruple their production. 

    By the way, Three Sisters Brewery produce a mean Chocolate Tsarevich Russian Imperial Stout.

    Project crowdfunding is when you invite your crowd to pledge to something you’re trying to fundraise for, in exchange for rewards.

    To give you an example, Wellington chocolate business Baron Hasselhoff raised $51,958 from an amazing crowd of 329 people, to upscale their production.

    Is your company or project well established, with a loyal customer base, and ready to expand? Think about crowdfunding with us. 

    To really sink your teeth into the details of equity crowdfunding, grab yourself a hot choccie and take a break at this link to learn about the basics of equity crowdfunding.

    PledgeMe – helping people fund their chocolate dreams.

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