PledgeMe fees are now 5% for project campaigns

    Thinking about crowdfunding with PledgeMe? Here’s one more reason it’s a good idea. 

    Since 2017 PledgeMe has been charging project campaigners a 6.5% success fee. 

    Each time a project campaigner met their crowdfunding target and their campaign closed, we received our fee of 6.5% to contribute to our operational and administrative costs.

    To give you an example, if someone crowdfunded $1000, we received a $65 fee.

    We want to make crowdfunding even more accessible, for everyone, so this month we dropped our fees to 5%. If you crowdfunded that same $1000 we would now receive $50.

    If you’re interested in crowdfunding with us, have a read through this info and reach out with any questions, we’d love to help.

    Charlotte for the PledgeMe team.

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