PledgeMe and Projects we ♥ in the Media

    With over 120 successful projects and half a million pledged, PledgeMe has been in the media a lot lately! Here’s a bit of a round up on the past few weeks:

    Tattletale Saints have been on the radio and TV talking about their plans to head to Nashville – our favourite interview was their chat with Jim Mora of National radio (who pledged, and “formally secured his position in [Tattletale Saints] hearts as coolest dude ever.”)

    Songs for Christchurch got a shout out in Dom Post and the Press too.

    The Neonatal Trust got on the Breakfast show to talk about their ambitious plans to break the world record for most sandcastles built in an hour. They also sent out this press release:


    Freda talked about the inspiration behind Kiwi Diary on Access Radio this week, and also talked about her experience crowdfunding to date. Jez Brown has also been a recent interviewee on Access Radio to discuss his double header success crowdfunding for the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. Next up? Ben from the North Feature Film team – tune in on Monday, 15 October at 5:15pm to 783AM.

    The Pink Ribbon Calendar Girls launched their calendar last week – with a fantastic night with all their calendar girls, models artist and team and all the wonderful people who have got behind the project – it really was incredible.

    “Everyone was just buzzing and the life size calendar images they had around the room were a hit.  Over 200 people turn up!
    The event’s success was largely due to their Event Organiser Lisa Hill from Beautiful Events for making Bayleys look stunning and for pulling all sorts of suppliers together to donate supplies/equipment etc for the event and Chef Glen Rockhouse who got all his contacts in the hospitality industry to donate ingredients for the canapes. Now roll on calendar sales!”

    New Zealand Music Commission released their video interview with Anna from a few months ago.

    We hit Half a Million – and did a wee press release about it.

    Critic, my favourite student mag ever [I’m biased as an Otago girl], did a bit of a piece on us as well. I think it was their attempt to throw down the guantlet in Dunedin, and I can’t wait to see what comes of it!

    Gather and Hunt also did a bit of a piece on crowdfunding in Auckland, which we think proves our point that a local flavour to crowdfunding is important.

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