Our Five Cleanest Campaigns Yet

    Cleanest campaignsWe’ve gone equity campaign crazy here at PledgeMe! But the five equity campaigns we’ve got on the go aren’t just brilliant business opportunities – they’re also all working to keep it clean in NZ. Read on to find out more about these clever, cool, clean campaigns:

    Liquid Waste Treatment Systems LimitedLWTS image

    What they’re about: LWTS is first on our list, a Hawkes Bay company who’ve developed the technology required to treat NZ’s wastewater more effectively.

     How they’re keepin’ it clean: Using aerobic granules, LWTS will achieve nitrification, de-nitrification, and biological phosphorus removal at an awesome rate. That’s science-talk for cleaner waterways, and a cleaner NZ. What’s not to like?

     Angel FoodAngel food twitter

    What they’re about: the team at Angel Food create alternative foods for people on plant-based diets. They provide tasty choices for mindful eaters, with everything from dairy-free cheese sauces to egg-free magic meringues.

    How they’re keepin’ it clean: in a world where our diets are becoming increasingly out of control, Angel Food offers clean-eating alternatives made right here in NZ. Sounds like a pretty spotless suggestion to us.

    Tapp LimitedTapp blog header

    What they’re about: Ever find calling a cab a drag? Tapp’s taxi app will connect passengers and drivers in real-time, creating a cardless, cashless, and super-streamlined transaction.

    How they’re keepin’ it clean: Tapp could change the whole way we travel; taking cars off the road and supporting taxi drivers too. Fewer cars on the road plus happier drivers equals one clean campaign!

    Powerhouse Wind Limited
    Halfway point

    What they’re about: this Dunedin-based tech startup are turning to equity crowdfunding to bring their new turbine, the ThinAir, to a wider marketplace.

    How they’re keepin’ it clean: Powerhouse Wind provides kiwis with household wind turbines, offering an energy alternative that’s not only affordable and efficient, but clean and renewable. And we’re clearly not the only ones who think so – Powerhouse’s crowd have got behind them too, helping them power through their halfway point yesterday. Clean energy is clearly killin’ it.

    Sorbet by Ethique Limited 

    SorbetWhat they’re about: Sorbet launched their equity campaign with us last night at 7pm; funding their hair and skin care line which consists of simple, solid, concentrated products that deliver on results.

    How they’re keepin’ it clean: Sorbet isn’t just helping to keep our bodies squeaky-clean: they’re doing the same for the environment. All Sorbet products are long-lasting, sustainably created, and distributed in waste-free packaging. Certified climate-neutral, this company is changing the landscape of the cosmetics world and offering consumers an environmentally-friendly option. If that’s not a clean campaign, we don’t know what is!

    So there you have it! Five squeaky-clean campaigns that are doing as much for the environment as they can do for you. Check out all their campaign pages for more information, and help them keep NZ clean.

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