One of the great things about having a developer on the team is that we can continuously bring out some neat little functions to make people’s campaign experience better. The latest couple of things we’ve changed on the site are specifically focussed on making creating a campaign easier and adding functionality so you can track it once it is up running.

    New create page

    We’ve given the create a campaign page a face lift. We’ve removed that wall of text and streamlined the information you see and better clarified between the types of campaigns you can run. Oh and of course there is Jordan’s face peeking up from the bottom there.

    We’ve also made the page where you submit your campaign proposal a bit more logical, beautiful, and we’re asking better questions so we can help make your campaigns successful.

    Creating a new project campaign on PledgeMe

    Campaign Analytics

    Probably the coolest thing we’ve added is the ability to track your campaign via Google Analytics. Once your campaign is approved, you’ll be able to add in a Google Analytics tracking code so you can see how many views you’re getting, where they’re coming from, and how long people stay on the page.

    Adding Google Analytics to a PledgeMe campaign.

    Once you’re logged into PledgeMe, hit the Edit Campaign button, then the Analytics tab and enter your tracking code. Once you hit save Google Analytics will start collecting stats for your page. Woo! For more info on how to use Google Analytics check out their help page.

    More in store

    We’ve got heaps of other little features going live over the next couple of months. So keep your eyes peeled for them as they pop up.


    1. Hi Jackson
      Nice work making the interface smoother.
      I think its a clever and helpful move from PledgeMe to integrate Google Analytics.
      I recommend my marketing and PR students to try out the free online Google Analytics academy training at An understanding of the to and fro of interaction on the web works in relation to a product or service is mandatory for any kind of media work. Well done.
      I hope that Will can make it a part of the Crowdfunding U(niversity) coursework.
      best wishes,

      (Prof) Gary Mersham

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