Meet the team: Jen

    Jen is our resident dragon onesie wearing Chief People Wrangler. She’s the woman behind the emails that our campaign creators get. She tries to shepherd folk through the crowdfunding process with tips, tricks, and insight from her three successful campaigns.

    When she’s not in the office, she’ll often be found at comedy gigs around town, doing improv with a bunch of cool Wellingtonians (and Cantabrians to be fair – she loves you kids too) or running her own festivals.

    What’s the best thing you’ve seen on crowdfunding.

    Oh, man. Just one? Currently the cat fanciers magazine delights me. There’s been heaps of great Christchurch projects. Actually, wait – my favourite is Minuit. I love that band.

     When did you first find out about crowdfunding?

    A Kickstarter back in the day. The first one I pledged for was Neil Gaman & Amanda Palmer. (checks phone). I’ll have an email there from something. I just really wanted a copy of the performance! And this was the way to get it.

    Heaps of my early pledges on PledgeMe were for campaigns I found out about working on Community Zone (Wellington Access Radio) – I’d interview them and then get excited about their project and boom – pledge away.

    How did you first find out about PledgeMe?

    Had a meeting with Anna about Bats (outside Deluxe), and did my first project, Fringe at the Gryphon end of 2012.

    Anything you learnt through crowdfunding yourself?

    Have a really clear goal! People need to get what you’re doing really easily, like an elevator pitch. Think – what people can get out of your project? How can they share in what you’re making? What can only you offer them?

    Any tips or tricks for potential crowdfunders

    • Keep it simple
    • Make a video
    • Have a range of fun engaging rewards.
    • Get someone to look over your writing if you’re not a confident writer
    • Ask for help. Remember, there are people around you that want you to succeed.

    Weirdest crowdfunding you’ve ever seen?

    KFC guy (Get Dave a Feed). Less weird, more hilarious though.

    If you’d like to get in touch with Jen, you can email her, follow her on twitter, or send her virtual high fives in the comments below.

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