Join our new PledgeMe chocolate lovers mailing list!

    By Charlotte Squire

    Do you love all things chocolate? Have you noticed things are looking sweet for us Kiwi chocolate lovers, with lush chocolate shops and businesses appearing up all over the place? 

    We have too, so over the next six weeks we’ll be doing our bit to support the swirl of chocolate love, across our fine lands.

    This September we’ll be celebrating chocolate, including shout outs to former PledgeMe chocolate project and equity crowdfunders, yummy chocolate giveaways, and invitations to more amazing chocolate companies and project leaders to crowdfund with us. 

    For those who like to be at the front of the line for all things chocolate, we would like to invite you to sign up to our brand spanking new PledgeMe chocolate lovers mailing list.’

    What does this mean?

    We will offer the first pieces of chocolate news to you. Yes, you will be amongst the first to know about any upcoming chocolate equity or project campaigns, or of news relating to our chocolate campaigners. 

    Occasionally, not so often that you over indulge (like you did that entire block of milk chocolate that you bought for a gift but ate yourself last month) we will email you with our most delicious stories, before we tell our general audience (perhaps they’re more into savoury treats, like chips?).

    It does not mean you’ll be under any obligation to pledge to any of our campaigns, just that you know about them before everyone else.  

    Also, crowdfunding campaigns will still rely very much on their support of crowds to meet their minimum targets. 

    But this, our chocolate loving friends, is a new flavour of e-newsletter, made just for you. 

    So what are you waiting for? The early bird catches the chocolate fish right? Sign up to our new ‘PledgeMe chocolate lovers mailing list.’ 

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