Bill on investing in PledgeMe

    With our equity campaign drawing to a close on Friday (so you better go pledge now!), we’ve been receiving a bunch of feedback about why people have helped crowdfund crowdfunding.

    This particularly nice email came from Bill who runs Vapour.

    I just wanted to say congratulations to the team on a another successful campaign.

    For us we are always looking for opportunities to help small enterprises to flourish, grow and realise their full potential. Usually we do that by helping owners and their teams to crystallise their purpose, develop the principles they will operate by and measure performance to achieve success. We add value through our breath of skill and our depth of experience, connecting enterprises to others who can help them take the next step. But sometimes when we come across an enterprise which is investment ready we are also prepared to put our money where our mouth is and make a direct investment to show our support for and confidence in the people behind the venture. Having met a number of the people involved in Pledgeme over the last year we are confident you have then team to take it to the next level – good luck.

    Nāku , me ngā mihi

    Bill McDonald

    Thanks, Bill! Awesome to know that you’re now part of the PledgeMe family and we’re really looking forward to including you in our journey to take this crazy train to the next level.

    There is still time to get into the PledgeMe shareholder family. Head on over to our campaign and Pledge. You’ve got until 6PM on Friday.

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