Liz Kirkman came to PledgeMe to help fund her vocal training in the UK and Italy – and she managed to meet her goal with the help of 68 lovely pledgers. She’s just gotten back from her trip, so we thought we’d mix things up this time, and share some of her feedback from crowdfunding and her trip.

    What did you like about pledgeme?
    The professionalism of the site itself, and the calibre of the people using its service.

    How did you find the experience?
    Like bidding for an auction: exhilarating.

    Any tips for newbies?
    Listen to the wise advice of Pledgeme. Use the updates, email, Facebook – any medium you can to get it out there. Remember that not everyone is on, or enjoys Facebook.
    Striking the balance between being in people’s consciousness and being pushy is a fine line, which was why I found using something like presenting a photo day similar to the effects of a teaser campaign. That way people get a wee reminder without pushing it (although I probably did cross that line a bit 😉 [ed. note – see her photos at the top of the blog]

    I say crowdfunding, you say:
    Hell yes.


    Excerpt from her letter to pledgers after the trip:
    Hope this finds you well. So here’s a wee note of my learnings and adventures…
    An incredible amount of learning, sun, new connections, future collaborations and inspiration.

    …The ‘A-Band,’ comprised of members from Mathew Ford’s 18 piece band, were so accommodating of me, when I fudged moments in rehearsal and we had to go back; they were really patient.  After the gig, John Barber, the Musical Director who organised me to be there said ‘if you’d been shit, the musicians wouldn’t have been so nice.’  Good to know!

    …I had a vocal technique class with two amazing Cabaret/Jazz artists from New York that were really helpful and commended my range and the fact I had ‘not too many bumps’ between the voices in my three octaves. So that was good to know. I haven’t been in a proper vocal technique class since high school, so I’m well overdue!

    …I found connections with so many performers, but vocally blended really well with a singer from Norway and another from Connecticut. We’ve talked about doing something together.

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