Stand Up came to us via twitter last week, and truth be told – we thought the goal was a bit audacious. $10,000 in 5 days was a big ask – but they did it and more (and, overloaded our server in the process!). In the end, the all-or-nothing approach motivated their supporters and they raised over half their goal in the final day with over 100 pledges made. Their project did cause a bit of debate, but isn’t that what the entire Stand Up project is about? Opening up conversations to the public and making things happen. We surveyed two of the team (Megan and Joe) and this was their feedback:

    What did you like about pledgeme?
    Megan – Not only did we reach our fundraising goals, we got 140 “investors”; these people are now stakeholders in our enterprise. I feel responsible to them to make it a success and feel more than just financially supported; I feel emotionally backed by these people.

    Joe – Very friendly and accommodating team, great service, after hours work

    How did you find the experience?
    Megan – It was straightforward and easy to set up. PledgeMe were extremely responsive to us, and were on hand to fix things within minutes of being notified. It was nerve wracking and exciting! We raised $50% in the last day. A nail biting finish, but all our friends chipped in to promote it throughout their networks.

    Joe – Very positive – great access, connetivity to facebook and twitter

    Any tips for newbies?
    Megan – Don’t just ask for money, ask that your friends and family support you by promoting it to their networks.
    Joe – Use the social media power to bring in punters

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    1. WOW!!!!!! very inspiring thank you so much for putting this up and sharing it with us all.

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