We get by with a little help from our PledgeMe.Friends

    We first wrote about the idea of PledgeMe.Friends in our blog two weeks ago. Here’s a bit more about how we see our new friends-powered referral system working.

    2014_07_08 PledgeMe equity launchOne thing we’re blessed with here in the PledgeMe office is a great circle of friends – be it our alumni, our shareholders, our personal networks, or our professional contacts. We’ve been around for a few years now, and have gotten to know people up and down Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve talked at 100’s of events, met 1,000’s of people, presented to over 10,000 attendees and helped over 1,000 campaigns fund through our platform.

    And, now we need your help. We need help finding and nurturing crowdfunding campaigners that might not come to us direct. Companies, organisations and teams that you think would be a natural fit for going out to their crowds, but they might not see it.

    They might be so deep in the delivery of the work that is in front of them, that they haven’t had time to think about raising money to expand, or time to learn more about crowdfunding.

    Great campaigns are already coming through our doors – but we know there are so many more awesome campaigns out there that just don’t know what they don’t know.

    Project successes in last week

    Things like ParrotDog are happening, things like Eat My Lunch are happening, things like The SpinOff are happening. These are all campaigns, across our three types of crowdfunding, that have done what our platform does best: activate their own networks to make their plans happen. And, their plans are so much more than just about making some investor they’ve never met a 30 times return. They’re about strengthening communities, building brands, and making a change in the world (even if it’s a beer based change).

    But, these campaigns can be hard to find, hard to nurture, and hard to support. So that’s where you come in.

    We’ve launched PledgeMe.Friends. We think there’s really nothing more powerful than our own crowd. You’ve shown us time and again that you back us: when we ate our own dog food (twice), when we made a magazine, when we wanted a new board member, and when you all decided I seriously needed a holiday.

    What we really need most right now is more companies and organisations we can help through project, equity and lending campaigns. That’s where you come in:

    If you are the first person to shoulder tap a company to run a campaign, and they end up running a successful campaign, we’ll give you a $500 success fee (either direct to you or pledged towards the campaign for you). The campaign needs to meet its goal by its deadline, and it needs to raise more than $50,000.

    How is this going to work?

    • Fill out this form here (or email us on contact@pledgeme.co.nz)
    • If you’re the first person to recommend that company, we’ll get in touch and ask for an intro (if you can do it)
    • The more details about how we can help the better
    • You could even help them get to their goal – support, share their campaign, be their cheerleader (with benefits).

    Yep – you can be from the company. If you aren’t the first person on board to recommend someone we’ll let you know, and send a high-five your way.

    What does a potentially successful campaign look like?

    1. Something that has been around for a little while (eg. people have seen the work the creators are doing)
    2. A great crowd around the company or organisation – be it customers or friends
    3. Great communication – they should pride themselves on being awesome at communicating with their crowd
    4. A plan (or ability to create a great plan) – something that a crowd can get on board to make happen

    Here’s to the next great campaigns that come through our doors. Hopefully with your help, friends!

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