Tip # 6 – It’s about you!

    People are going to give to you as much as they’re going to give to your project. So, tell them a bit about yourself. What you do, where you’re from. It’s like any good business pitch – it’s as much about your idea as it is about you.

    So, you need to talk about yourself so your crowd will connect, and the best place to do that is in your profile.

    What should you include?

    • A photo (for your profile page and avatar)
    • A headline about you (think twitter length)
    • A blurb telling a bit more about your, your past work, anything.
    • A link to your website, facebook page, blog (whatever!)

    Make sure it’s personal – not just about your organisation or company. Because, people like you – and they want to connect with you. They want you to succeed as much as the idea.

    How do you update your profile? When you log in, go to my profile (top right) and edit your page details

    Here’s a video we did on what crowdfunding is about – and you’ll see – it is about you!

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