The Aftermath of #thanksmillion

    April 17th. What a night. The #thanksamillion party is definitely going to go down in PledgeMe history as the BEST NIGHT EVER. We thought that one venue wasn’t enough to merit such an occasion, so we chose three – potentially re-defining the term ‘pub crawl’ on Tory Street, with partygoers marching proudly between Hawthorn Lounge, Poquitos, and Puppies. Despite the cold and somewhat dreary weather, our successes and supporters made the effort to join us in our revelry and celebrate $1m worth of creative crowdfunding achievement. It was a night to remember!

     The first bus of the party goers meanders between Poquitos, Hawthorn Lounge and Puppies. Their rain-deflecting efforts were PledgeMe colour co-ordinated. Coincidence? We think not – Oona Verse is the lady to thank!

    At the Hawthorn Lounge, guests were offered dim romantic lighting and Minuit’s very own Ruth and Paul playing a set of 1930s love tunes, as the dynamic duo, Cole Porter and Me. Ruth wore her PledgeMe blue colours – and the vinyl turntables reminded us of their PledgeMe project a wee while back.

    Puppets dominated the entertainment at Poquitos, where PledgeMe success, Puppet Fiction, entertained guests with stringed drama and theatrics.

    Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how… PledgeMe’s very own Anna surfed the crowd at Poquitos, offering a powerful (and slightly terrifying) metaphor of the beauty that is crowdfunding, thanks to project success Oona Verse and Anna Dean’s scheming. One hand might not get you off the ground, but a whole lot of hands makes a fun ride. Nothing like a bit of crowdsurfing to get the party going!

    DJ TV DiSKO kept the sweet beats going at Puppies, where people continued to party after 8pm. Big shout out to Tuatara for providing delicious beer for our guests’ enjoyment. Best beer in the land!

    We’re pretty / absolutely gobsmacked by the numbers that turned out. It was a fabulous opportunity to raise glasses to the amazing project creators and pledgers. You guys are the absolute bits! Crowdfunding would be nothing without you, the fantastic crowd 🙂

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