Seeking: One Chief People Wrangler

    Writing this blog post is a bit like a eulogy, as we’re losing our fantastic Chief People Wrangler of forever, Jacqui, to her main passion – directing operas. We couldn’t really argue with her on that one as we’re all horrid singers, so now we have a space opening up in our growing team of crowdfunding afficiandos. No two days are the same, but one things for sure – you will always feel like you’re making a difference.

    So if you’re Welly based, looking for some part time work (10 hours-ish a week), and think People Wrangling might be for you – read on!

    Here’s what we’re looking for in the perfect People Wrangler:

    • Not afraid to be a bit quirky. We occasionally wear onesies to the office (but only on Wednesdays). Or 1920s bathing caps.

    • Attention to detail – passionate about inbox zero (TBH, inbox ten is fine too)

    • Tech able. No, you don’t need to be able to code C#, but you should know you should be able to work your way around embed code and excel spreadsheets. Or better yet, google docs.

    • Empathetic. You need to want to help people, and get the best out of every project creator that comes through your inbox / our office.

    • Able to think on your feet (and office chair). Happy to point out things you think could be improved, then leading the charge to fix ‘em.

    What this actually means day-to-day:

    • Responding promptly to correspondence regarding projects

    • Supporting creators during project creation, and managing all the steps from reviewing initial request to project close out.

    • Answering enquiries where able in a timely manner – and forwarding on when help needed

    • Support at events (every few months – it’ll be fun, promise)

    We’re a growing social enterprise* – and if you want to grow with us, send our Chief Bubble Blowing Anna an email with your CV to by 17 Jan.

    * we believe we can use business tools to make a social impact. AKA conscious capitalism / third sector / for-benefit. 

    ps. Jacqui – you rock. We’re going to miss you HEAPS, atleast until we get better at singing.

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