Projects in the Media

    Well, you know some pretty cool things are afoot when the projects you’re working with start getting talked about in the media left, right and centre. Here are a few of the highlights from the past week:

    Tama Waipara, the powerhouse, has already made it halfway to his goal, and he’s been up for a week! He got a shout out in Volume – check it out here. He’s also doing a daily blog about his crowdfunding, which you potential project creators might like to check out – it totally does take two ears to listen.

    Jenah Shaw, from we are immortal, got an awesome mention in my favourite magazine, Frankie. Here’s the link. Congrats Jenah for getting funded last week – I can’t wait to get my reward.

    Olly from ComRoid got an article in his local paper, the Taupo Times – with a pretty awesome shot of the creator himself (who is normally more  comfortable behind a camera than in front of it, we think!).

    Simeon Gilbert, from Levitation, got showcased on Tech Bytes on 3 News! Check out the clip here. Even though we didn’t quite make it to the funding goal, Simeon put in a momentous effort and raised over $10,000 in pledges. He’s gotten some very serious investment interest from all the emails he sent (over 20,000 people were reached) – and we can’t wait to hear more on the levitation story.

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