Project: Will Frost’s CD – Shelter

    Will sounds like an all round awesome guy. He teaches two childrens’ choirs (Mr Frost!), entertains friends’ kids at birthday parties (10 nine year olds this weekend – for three hours…), and all he wants to do is record his first album – “Shelter.” His first song on the album, ‘It’s Time’, was in the running to win the Festival of the Flowers in Christchurch this weekend. Here’s him playing it live:

    Will is 19 so he doesn’t really have the money to pay for a proper recording up front. He needs your help. Why? Because you think he’s cool, because you love his music, because you want to see him succeed. Which he will, with a little help from his friends. In fact, his biggest motivator is Julie, one of his friends from Windsor Wedding Music. She’s been pivotal in getting Will’s project off the ground, and motivating him to get the support of his crowd.

    So pledge, share, spread the word on. Here’s the link:


    Anna, Julie and Will (below)

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