Camilo Borges

    Camilo, our technical guru, hails from the fair climes of Brazil (seriously, fairer than Wellington on a sunny day!). He’s crazy, passionate, loves to get to know people, and in his own words “not the typical IT guy”. He has a passion for brewing, boards (any board will do), and sharing the point (yes, that was a Microsoft joke). He’s the guy that makes all the decisions, and would love to chat to you. Flick him a note at camilo at

    Anna Guenther

    Anna, our business mind, sounds American. She swears she’s not though. If pushed, she’ll say she’s technically from Dunedin, but will later admit she grew up in Boston. Having roamed around the world recently, she’s back to call Wellington home (and, to finish her masters in Entrepreneurship). Send her a line sometime – anna at

    Reuben Metcalfe

    Reuben is our sales (and everything!) man. He can sell anything. Hailing from Wellington originally, he’s an aspiring entrepreneur with a relentless work ethic. He enjoys dealing with companies that help people. He also has the somewhat ambitious aim of fixing capitalism – preferably yesterday… If you want to chat about that, and more, you can get ahold of him at reuben at

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