Life After Life. After.

    Producer Charlotte Larsen’s Life. After. will be featuring in Bats 2013 Season. The support of 43 pledgers means the show will have extra publicity, not to mention some sweet costumes and props. You go pledgers! Life. After. depicts the unconventional story of two sisters, Stella (Liz Kirkman) and Maya (Anita Ross), as they handle being on different ends of life and death, while residing in the same flat. One as a ghost, and one in grieving. We can’t wait to see it!

    This is the second PledgeMe success for Liz, who crowdfunded an amazing trip to the United Kingdom and Europe to receive vocal training with world class professionals. Check out it out here.

    Here’s what Charlotte had to say about her crowdfunding experience.

    What did you like about PledgeMe?
    Anyone can do it!

    How did you find the experience?
    Great! Nerve wracking near the end to see if we didn’t make target it was a close finish!

    Any tips for newbies?
    Push even if you think your audience is bored of seeing your 500th Facebook post about it.

    I say crowdfunding, you say:

    To top it all off, actresses Anita Ross and Liz Kirkman shared the PledgeMe love in the image at the top, thanks guys 🙂

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