September 30This week we’re introducing our new weekly segment: What’s Up Wednesday! Each week we’re going to chat to a current campaign creator and see how things are going for them.

    And who better to start us off than Kumara Fusion! This quirky little company started back in 2012, after its founders Mr and Mrs Martinez decided they needed more non-nasty gluten-free alternatives. Thus, Kumara Fusion was born: “a vegetable-based delicacy made for and by the food conscious and intolerant”.

    Kumara Fusion_Box3DGroup

    With a delicious range of products catering to all needs, Kumara Fusion want to tap into the niche deli market. And they’re working hard to get there – we had a chat to them about how the campaign’s going so far:

    “We’ve been talking to all kinds of people about Kumara Fusion. Today we had a national newspaper in for an interview and tomorrow we’re doing something on the Radio. We’re also very busy talking to our crowd about this campaign!”

    It’s awesome to hear about all this engagement, and we can’t wait to see where their campaign goes from here. If you want to get on board and help support the future of fun food, check out their equity offer right here.

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