Earlier this year we went on a road trip to the South Island, meeting with companies and organisations from Invercargill to Westport (and lots of towns in between) to talk about equity crowdfunding and crowdlending.

    It was an eye opening experience for us. We met so many founders and doers, who were extremely interested in how to do capital raising, and excited about the idea of going to their crowds.

    Over 10 days, we met with over 200 people. We learnt a lot about the local initiatives, and shared some stories of inspiring things we’ve seen too.



    Now, we want to do it again, but across the North Island. Here’s our plan (currently):


    Do you want us to come to your town? Flick us a note and we’ll see if we can add a stop for you in.

    Like last time, we need to raise $400 for each centre to cover our costs to get there.

    We’re excited about the opportunity to meet you all.

    xx Anna and team PledgeMe

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