Getting the message out there, and the lovely ladies from St. Rupertsberg

    So, it’s been a good week at the PledgeMe office, we’ve got another rocking project online (more about that below) and we’ve been name checked by IMNZ in their weekly newsletter. Fame and fortune should start rolling on in now, right? Well, yes, if you kiddies reading this send it to your friends who send it their friends, and basically start a homegrown crowdfunding revolution in New Zealand changing the course of our creative history! Right? Right? Or, you could just like us on facebook 🙂

    Ok, before my world changing rant started (sorry, I’ve been told off about ranting, supposedly it’s not very good marketing, so let’s just call me enthusiastic), I was going to tell you a bit more about our good week.

    First off, St Rupertsberg, an 8 piece all girl welly band have a project up on PledgeMe NOW raising money for their next EP. Not only are they very local (they live in Newtown near us!) but they have a pretty awesome sound – check it out here:

    St. Rupertsberg on from Frankie Cincinnati on Vimeo.

    And, the best array of rewards we’ve seen to date on PledgeMe. Commitment phobes like me can start slow with a $5 purchase which will get you a post card with your very own Haiku from the lovely ladies. Those with a bit more moolah (and a love for good wine and company) can go for the $500 option which is a dinner being wined and dined by the band themselves. And there are HEAPS of other rewards in between those two extremes. And, in 5 days they’ve managed to raise $1,217!! That means, they still have 25 days to raise $600. Be a dear, pledge a little (or a lot) here:

    And, well, we love Renee at Independant Music New Zealand ( because she name checked us in her weekly newsletter. Here’s what she wrote:

    So, all in all an awesome week. Thanks everyone for your support. Keep the projects rolling in, and drop us a line if you have any thoughts/ideas/comments/ or general love for what we’re doing 🙂

    contact at pledgme dot co dot nz, or direct to moi via anna at pledgeme dot co dot nz.

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