Crowdfunding crowdfunding 2.0

    For those not yet aware, PledgeMe has just launched its second equity crowdfunding round!!! And we wanted to give you guys the down-low on why we’re crowdfunding crowdfunding once more.

    lanacompy_opSince our last crowdfunding round, the amount pledged through our platform has doubled. We’ve had nine successful equity crowdfunding campaigns – four of which hit their maximum goals – and grown our team and wider community. But we don’t want that growth to stop anytime soon.

    This is where you guys come in! In order to support the increasing number of campaigns and to keep evolving our product, we need to expand our team. To be able to do this, we’re looking to raise a minimum of $250,000, and up to $750,000 from our amazing crowd.250k_op

    So if you weren’t speedy enough to get in last time, this is your chance. Help us help kiwis fund the things they care about, and invest now!


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