Do you want to help more crowdfunding campaigns come to life? We’re doing an open call for people that want to support crowdfunding, be it by offering their flash film making services at a special rate to copy writers with a passion for telling peoples stories. Every team needs support, and we want it to be as awesome and diverse as the Barnstoneworth FC, Waikato Sunday Soccer League 4th Division Champions 2013 crew below (one of our recent successful projects!).

    Here’s an example of one of our crowdfunding campaign supporters:

    Meet Connor.  He’s a film-maker based in Auckland and makes music videos with Candlelit Pictures. Connor first met the Candlelit crew when he pledged money towards their short film ‘Hold Your Breath’ last year. Now he’s collaborating with them on his own work, and on top of all this – he can help you make your PledgeMe videos too!

    If you’re keen to get your name out there helping local crowdfunding campaigns fill out the form below. You (and your services) will get a shout out on a page dedicated to our crowdfunding support crews.


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