A new way to CrowdfundingU

    You’ve probably seen over the last month that we’ve refreshed our fees for campaigners and pledgers (for the better, we believe!). One of the changes we’ve made is to the cost of our preparation programme for PledgeMe.Equity and PledgeMe.Lend campaigners, CrowdfundingU.


    We’ve reached out to a wide group of past and present campaigners to hear from those that matter. They’ve made us realise the value that they’ve gotten from working alongside us through CrowdfundingU is larger than we thought. There’s a lot that goes into helping companies and organisations to prepare for their campaigns – from them putting together their offer, to them communicating with their crowd, to them throwing a bad-ass launch party. We’ve been refining the content of the programme and how we deliver it since we introduced it last year, and increased the amount of support time we put in with each campaign. So we decided to change the fee we’re charging to cover the full cost of providing six individual sessions (plus all the in between support, feedback, and crowd wrangling).


    The CrowdfundingU fee for any equity or lending campaigner aiming to raise over $100,000, is now $3,000 + GST. Capability vouchers, issued by NZTE through your local Economic Development Agency, are still available to cover up to half the cost of the programme. We’ve seen 90% of the companies we’ve worked with so far have vouchers granted to subsidise the cost.


    We’ve also introduced a condensed version of CrowdfundingU, for those that are raising less that $100,000 or wouldn’t have the profile to receive capability vouchers (not-for-profits, community organisations, clubs and schools) or the ability to pay the full fee (young startups). We’ve shortened the programme to two sessions, focusing on: preparing your campaign documentation; and planning your communication. This costs $750 + GST, and doesn’t provide the same rigour and support, but for smaller campaigns that might be overkill.


    Whether you’re big or small, local or global, if you’re looking to raise money and you’ve got a crowd around you that believe in what you’re about, we’d be more than happy to chat about crowdfunding and, if it feels right, take you through the CrowdfundingU that’s right for you.

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