We know how hard it’s been …. We want to make it easier with 4% Feb

    We know it’s been hard lately and we want to contribute the best way can, with 4% Feb. 

    For the month of February, we’ll offer a discount that can save our campaigners up to 47% off their normal success fee. All you have to do is launch a project, or register** an equity campaign with us this month. 

    Why are we doing this?
    11 years ago, we launched PledgeMe to help Kiwis fund the things they care about. Over the past decade, we’ve focused on supporting people who have traditionally found it harder to raise funds — artists, women founders, impact enterprises, musicians, local food and beverage producers and many many more. 

    We focussed on making it simple (and legal) for their crowds to support them. Why? Because it is easier to get people you know to support you than pitching cold to strangers. By doing this, PledgeMe helps more people access funding, so we get projects and companies — and ultimately an Aotearoa— that meet more people’s needs. When communities fund the things they care about, we are more connected and resilient.

    And it has worked! PledgeMe has supported a wide range of founders, creators and community-doers around New Zealand. Almost $70 million has been pledged across 1,600 successful campaigns from 150,000 supporters! What PledgeMe does — help Kiwis fund the things they care about — is needed now more than ever. Everyone should have a chance to turn their idea into realityhobby into a job, or company into the next big thing.

    Here in New Zealand, PledgeMe plays an important role. But, there’s still a gap, a need, and an opportunity. 

    $320 million of Creative New Zealand grant applications weren’t funded last year alone, with only one in five applications accessing funding. Through PledgeMe, around 50% of our campaigns were funded.

    Only 16% of capital raises in New Zealand have women founders. 50% of PledgeMe campaigns have women as leaders.

    One impact fund in Aotearoa only funded 1% of companies that pitched them in the last four years. PledgeMe helps more than 50% of projects funded and, importantly, two thirds of companies that get funded have impact at their core.

    So what is all this leading up to?
    Well the last few years haven’t been easy. Most people are doing it tough. We are too.

    So right now we need your help to keep doing what we’re good at: helping Kiwis fund the things they care about.

    We need you to start and support campaigns. To do this we’re kicking off 4% Feb. 

    If you start** a campaign this month you’ll get more money to help make your idea a reality and if you support a campaign more of your money will go to your favourite creators. Usually, we charge 5% for projects and 7.5% for investment campaigns. So companies looking to raise money are getting an especially good deal.

    Everyone will still get the amazing service PledgeMe is known for: support with their campaign, boosts through our socials, ideas for how to activate your crowd, and for equity campaigns our hands-on CrowdfundingU programme to prepare you every step of the way.

    Get started now
    You can start a project campaign right nowlearn more about crowdfunding, or chat to someone via email or by booking a meeting.

    We know some of the best projects and companies come out of hard times. Crowdfunding feels like one of the best options to get funded right now — with the support of your crowd! 

    Thanks for reading and here’s to a New Zealand where everyone can fund the things they care about, 

    Anna and the team at PledgeMe.

    ** For project campaigns, this means launching a campaign in February, for equity campaigns it means either launching or signing up for our CrowdfundingU programme (we know that it takes a bit longer to prep investment campaigns) and launching in 2023.

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