Now you can run private project crowdfunding campaigns!

    Did you ever want to crowdfund from your friends, family, and contacts, but keep it private, to your close circle?

    Now you can!

    PledgeMe has a new facility where you can check ‘private’ to run a crowdfunding campaign, that you keep as private as you like. 

    This doesn’t mean there will be a password-protecting page or anything, but it does mean the campaign page won’t show up on the PledgeMe homepage or in the search, or come up on Google.

    The people you share the campaign with could still share the link wider, but you get to choose who that close crowd is to start. 

    When you’re adding content to your campaign page once it’s been approved, you can change the setting under ‘edit, ‘analytics.’

    And you can uncheck the private box anytime you want to, and make your crowdfunding campaign public, perhaps once your campaign has built some momentum. Or you can keep it set to ‘private’ for the entire length of your campaign.

    Get started with your campaign by heading to the Create tab on our website. If you have any questions, just reach out to Charlotte for a chat:

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