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    Anake and the team, very focused on important business as per usual.

    This week, we are very sad to announce that the lovely Anake Goodall is stepping down from our PledgeMe board. After two years of hard work, sage advice, and cupcake decoration, he’s decided to move on in order to focus on his family work. So, we went out to the rest of the board to hear what they’re going to miss about Anake.

    Our CBB Anna believes one of Anake’s key strengths is his forward-thinking ability. “I often think that Anake has a hundred year plan for PledgeMe (and for me). He has a way at looking beyond the immediate, and really contributes to the strategy and evolution of what we do. That said, he’s got no hesitations at pointing out things that need to be handled immediately, and has contributed a lot to the documenting of policies (with his red pen on hand to point out any typos I might make).”

    Board chair Nick also praised Anake’s clear-headedness, saying “he has the enviable ability to rapidly cut through the noise to get to the nub of an issue, while maintaining a nearly spiritual calm about him.” Our other board member Breccan agreed, explaining why he valued Anake’s measured approach: “it’s surprisingly rare to find someone who you still feel so positively towards while they’re disagreeing with you. “

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    Anake and his carefully-crafted poo emoji cupcakes.

    But Anake isn’t just thoughtful and business-savvy – he’s also great fun. We asked Anna about one of her favourite memories of Anake:

    It would have to be after our Strategy day in April last year. We had a full on day of strategy discussions, and everyone was a little bit brain dead at the end of our day. I had organised a light session making cupcakes with one of our alumni to end the day, but most of the board was too tired / busy to come along.

    Not only did Anake come along and decorate cupcakes with us, but he got right into the theme of the cupcakes – poo emojis.


    When we chatted to Anake about his time at PledgeMe, he also brought up this “memorable post-match function at the cupcake bakery”. He went on to talk about how PledgeMe had changed in his time here:

    It’s been wonderful to watch the PledgeMe team grow out into a genuine rounded team of dedicated and enthusiastic and committed members, from very modest beginnings in the early days. This has been possible as a result of the humbling support of the company’s growing shareholder base, and their active support of the PledgeMe promise.

    Crowdfunding is a really dynamic space and we know from overseas experience that it is only going to become a bigger and more significant part of our national and local economies. I’ve really enjoyed being on the leading edge of this trend and will continue to watch it closely and support it as I can.

    Anake’s next step is working on some of his personal projects, as well as a “very (very) large pile of unread books”. We’re happy for his bookshelves’ sake, but the board has also expressed how much they’re going to miss Anake. For Nick, it will be “his wise counsel, his gentle wit, but most of all, his presence.” Anna added that “he’s been supportive of me in some of my hardest moments, and I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without his support, guidance, and quirky humour.”

    So Anake, from all the PledgeMe crew, we want to say a huge thank you. Thank you for your commitment, creativity and endless kindness. PledgeMe wouldn’t be what it is without you.

    And as sad as we are to see Anake go, we’re also excited to find out what kind of amazing person will take on his role. If you’re considering getting on board or know someone who should, take this advice from Anake himself:

    I really recommend board roles in companies like PledgeMe for those interested in, literally, building the future infrastructure of our community. Anna and her team, and the PledgeMe board members, are all smart and committed people so the next director up will be guaranteed lively conversations and lots of learning opportunities right out there on the leading edge. And a lot of fun and laughter too!

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