Be Seriously Fun(ding) Humans: PledgeMe’s Values

    Over the past six months Team PledgeMe has been working on our values. What are they, how do we express them, why are they important, and what’s the impact. We came up with a whole bunch of ideas, but whittled it down to five values. Jackson shared our first value: Support Transparency and Trust, and Barry our second: He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. Now here’s Tash with our third:

    Be seriously funding humans



    There are two things here. Not only are we serious and fun people, we help folk get seriously funded. But we also want to put the fun back in funded. Really. It doesn’t need to be boring!

    Crowdfunding is all about giving your supporters an awesome opportunity to help you out. As People Who Do Stuff, it can be hard to step back and really see how much other people care about what you do. The focus is usually on giving back to them – be it supplying products, making music or delivering a service that you’re passionate about. So while you worry about the creating, the going above and beyond, doing the most amazing job: a crowd of people gathers around you. They buy your stuff, go to your gigs and love what you have to offer.

    When that crowd has an opportunity to back you in a way that lifts you up, it’s like going to a really great party. Watching people jump up and down cheering for awesome plans is the most wonderful thing to watch and experience. Those people jumping up and down draws more attention to your awesomeness, creating more opportunities through new connections, shared stories and financial support.

    All of which sounds a million times more exciting than filling out paperwork at the bank or sitting around stressing about how to scrape together the finances to bring a cool new idea to life.

    Having said all that: we take it seriously. When projects come through to us, our ultimate goal is for your campaign to succeed. That’s where the expertise of the PledgeMe team comes in. If we think you need to make some adjustments, we’ll tell you: it’s all in order to give you the greatest chance at success. Nothing makes us happier than a funded project; we celebrate every single one as it means the world has one more successful idea out there.

    Seriously fun(ding) humans comes down to having a great time sharing stories with real, joyful people while raising cash for things you care about.

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