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    Wow. We launched PledgeMe to the South Island last Wednesday, and we need to send a massive shout out of thanks to Christchurch. We were completely blown away by your support. You’re awesome!

    When our brand ambassador, Amy Bowie, made the case that we should launch in Christchurch instead of Dunedin I was a bit sceptical. Coming from Dunedin I thought it would be easier to fill out a venue with my network and I knew the lay of the land from my OUSA event organising days. But Amy pointed out (rightly) that Christchurch needs this sort of support, now more than ever, and they’re ready to back it up with some awesome collaboration (case and point: Gapfiller, Chart, Epic, the list goes on!). So we decided to go for it, and see what happened. Well, what happened, was we got way more support than we could have ever anticipated, and had a huge response from local acts looking for a chance to perform.

    In the end, we had an amazing line up of seven local Christchurch bands (The Helpful, Phantom Empire, The Laon, I Am You, Bazi Baker, Ashei, Shayna King and Rosanne Burdett), some live workshopping of crowdfunding AND crowdsourcing ideas, and a bunch of cool networking between all sectors of the arts. There were about 200 people through during the night, including reps from two of our Christchurch success stories – Will Frost and Ashei. We need to make a special shout out to Dux Live, and Chart, you rock!


    Team PledgeMe


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