Posted by Tash 2.0
What is this crowd you speak of?

While this modern life can occasionally feel a bit lonely, the reality is we all have a crowd. Like an enormous venn-diagram, we’re all connected to each other in some way: be it by blood, a common interest, a shared […]

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Posted by Jackson
Powerful feedback on Powerhouse

With Powerhouse Wind almost a quarter of their way to their funding goal, some pretty awesome investors are coming out of the woodwork. Yesterday the team received this email from Hamish from Wellington who has pledged on their campaign. My […]

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Posted by Jessie
Four Steps for a Fab Team Photo

People pledge to people. The best way to get your crowd invested in your project is to show them who’s behind it, and what better way to do that than a team photo-shoot? So, by studying the great work of […]

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Posted by Anna
Why Local Matters

Bibliography : Most of the numbers were crunched in our database, and: – Statistics New Zealand (2008) ‘Degrees of Separation in the New Zealand Workforce: Evidence from linked employer-employee data’ available online. – Sorenson, O., and Stuart, T. (2001) ‘Syndication […]

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