Throwback Thursday

Safe Little World

Oct 7This week’s Throwback Thursday is the amazing artist Andrew Killick (a.k.a. Safe Little World). Back in 2012, Andrew had been working on a piece of art for over ten years, but had never had his work exhibited. An opportunity came up for an exhibition in central Hamilton, so he reached out to his crowd – and they delivered! $350 later, Andrew and his photographic exhibition could take the art world by storm. He described the experience as “a dream come true”.

But luckily for the art world, Andrew didn’t stop there. He has continued working on projects since his first exhibition, expanding on some of the ideas he put forward in that piece. He works on the visual side of creative group Lower Bar Collective, and last year took over Silo6 in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter with them to create a weekend of experimental music and visual art.

141031_IMG_0746 adj

Andrew’s work “Pride and Refuse”, which was an expansion on his PledgeMe-funded exhibition in 2012.


We’re stoked to see how far Andrew’s come. He is a testament to the kind of amazing artists we get through our platform, and how well PledgeMe can work for them. If you want to see more of Andrew’s brilliant work, make sure you check out his website here. See you next week!

Throwback Thursday

Beautiful Surrender Video

October 1This week’s Throw Back Thursday hails from the golden age of March 2012. This awesome band (then known as “Ashei”) put together a wee crowdfunding campaign to create a music video for their song, “Beautiful Surrender”. Without even playing the song as a preview (it had to be kept strictly secret) they manage to blast through their target, raising over $1700 from their crowd. You can watch the completed video below!

But the band didn’t stop there. After their initial success, they turned to crowdfunding again the next year, raising a whopping $10,000USD via Indiegogo to finance their new EP, which made it to #10 on the NZ charts.

So what’s up next for this awesome group of music makers? After touring NZ and Australia with their EP, the band decided to take their music in a new direction, and changed their name to “Decades” to reinforce this. They’ve been working hard this year on their debut album, which is set to drop early next year!

We’re so stoked we had a part in Decades’ awesome success story. To stay up to date with what they’re up to, make sure to give them a cheeky like on Facebook!

Throwback Thursday

The TPPA Promo CD

Sept 24Three years ago, before the TPPA was on the tip of everyone’s tongues, Jody Lloyd (then known as “Trillion”) crowdfunded a collaborative music project with 3 other DJs from Australia, the US and New Zealand, which borrowed its name and explained it on the back cover of the album. Jody successfully raised $5,800 and the CD was released!

Since then, Jody’s heading down the road less travelled – after the CD’s release he began a search for The Perfect Frequency: a single frequency that could bring peace to everyone who experience it. He attracted a documentary crew with this intriguing idea, and in 2014 succeeded in finding it.


These days, Jody is living in Bali and performing his Perfect Frequency music for groups who experience it lying down and blindfolded. It has been described by clients as everything from a “multi-dimensional journey” to a “masterpiece”. To experience some of this masterful music, check out Jody’s website right here, and stay tuned next week to see who we’ll be throwing back to!

Throwback Thursday

The F.E.U.C.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.12.07 pm

And now, PledgeMe presents a new weekly segment – Throwback Thursday!


Aidee and Morgan kickin it in Palm Springs, USA

Each week, we’re going to track down one of our old successful campaigns, and see what its awesome creators are up to these days. First on our list is the campaign for short film The F.E.U.C.; created by Aidee and Morgan all the way back in April 2012.

The campaign itself was a huge success. Aidee and Morgan raised $3,275 which allowed them to finish their short film and tell the story of the Four Eyes United Club. The film was then accepted into the Show Me Shorts film festival in NZ, as well as the Palm Springs ShortFest – which meant the dynamic duo got to take a trip to the US for the screening!

2015-06-05 20.07.25

Morgan at the Sydney Film Festival where “Deathgasm” screened in June

Since the success of their debut short, the pair have gone on to do great things both as a team and individually.These days, Aidee is acting in the current season of Step Dave, and has written and directed two more shorts (check out one of them here!). Meanwhile Morgan is still producing, and recently completed her first feature film Deathgasm, which screened at the NZ International Film Festival and opens in the US next month (you can take a look at the trailer right here). She has also made over 20 music videos in the last couple of years – check out one that she and Aidee worked on together below:

It’s been clear from the start that these two were destined for great things, and we’re so stoked to see all the great stuff they’ve got up to since their PledgeMe days – we hope they’ll come back again if they need more support!

And there’s more good news for the F.E.U.C. – it will soon be available on Lightbox. Sneak a peek at the trailer below and marvel with us at the genius of our PledgeMe alumni.