The cruzade

Well, I had thought this solution would be really small but I quickly realized that I would need a lot to get it cool.

I struggled with my VM host that was freezing and I couldn’t really code decently for the first 2 days. That was a really terrible thing. The damn thing is a 10k server box with a decent graphics card. But server OSs simply don’t handle my card well.

Going to the experience. Razor is a really great way of writing pages. It reminds me so much of the first decent .Net Framework based framework I built. That was back in 2003. Good times. Me and my former business partner Rafael spent many nights building that framework which was used to build many products that our company, Cryo. delivered.

I also used EntityFramework 4.1. I’ll tell ya. What a great way of coding. I didn’t need to create a database. All my database is generated based on my design.

Given I was using MVC it just made more sense to use a test driven development approach which would be fairly affected it I had to go and change the database for each of my changes. Using EF4.1I would just change my classes and changes would be applied. Seemlessly.

At some point I decided to integrate my authentication with social networks. This means I would need to use some sort of OpenID integration. I downloaded FacebookSDK but I ended up deciding to have my version 1 using Janrain instead. Just so easy to do these integration nowadays.

I was pretty much ready to go live after 7 days coding for pretty much the whole day. Few things happened with the parties I had to liaise with(credit card gateway, host, design and so on) which led me to delay the release for few days.

Only good things happened then. Now I have a great integration with Facebook using the Social Plugins. Those are another piece of fantastic stuff :P There are few more I want to start using but I’ll wait for the next idea which, well, it is on its way already :D

That said it is good to mention that the pledge payments are done through flo2cash. Credit card payments are done in a damn straight forward way of doing things as well.

After all I have to say that it is great to write software nowadays given there are so many things that are there for ya. You just plug things and there you go.

I do believe I can get even less data then I have now. I did a lot to avoid keeping any data I don’t need. There is one thing I believe I can do to not save that much data in my database.

Let’s see how things go.

The technical bit

Well, I am a nerd by nature. Hardcore geek as I say. Besides that I love trying new things so this whole thing about building PledgeMe brought me back to a time where writing code was something I could easily do.

Well, the idea is that I would be able to be as fast as I used to be however I did realize that I just can’t keep on working for 3 days in a row anymore.

I do can still learn a new technology reasonably quick. In order to maximize my pleasure building it I decided to find out what there was around that I could learn.

I already new a little bit about ASP.NET MVC however I had never really built anything with it just because I’ve been only doing SharePoint since 2007 and we just don’t use it.

Well, so PledgeMe was implemented using

1 – .NET Framework 4.0

2 – C# as language


4 – Razor pages processing engine.

5 – Unit Tests

7 – SQL Server Database

8 – OpenId integration using JanRain

9 – Heavy Facebook integration

10 – Twitter integration

11 - ‘Azure Packaged’  <still to be finished>

The decision

Wow, So I’ve been having quite a lot of time for me lately. Whenever that happens I start having ideas. Usually my ideas are silly things to do with awesome things like getting into a new sport, home brew or my ‘home cinema’ equipment.

That said I decided last year that I would give my professional side attention so I would need to start thinking about business. To be honest it all started because last year I spent a awful amount of time in hotels due to my current commitments. That means I had some time doing nothing but thinking.

I started this year with a tough mission of going to US attent a training that is supposed to be the best training there is for SharePoint 2010, a system I work with.

Anyway, Won’t talk about SharePoint here.

During the training I would see a friend of mine talking about CrowdFunding. Daniel Weinmann was starting Catarse and I liked this Crowdfunding Platform idea. So when I came back from my training I started looking into how I could be part of this thing.

I couldn’t find anything like that in NZ so I decided to build one myself. I’m right now uploading it to the host.

It is ready to go. I am really hoping it’ll work and I’ve got a huge faith that I got a reliable solution that can help many NZ people funding their projects. I am considering extending this idea to many other possibilities with this Engine I finished.

It was supposed to go live last week, however many things happened that delayed me and I used my spare time during this window to tweak many little things in it. Needless to say that it is a beta software built using a very agile approach.

Ok, I am getting too much technical here. I’ll keep that for the next post.