WANTED: One Chief Tech Wrangler

With our equity crowdfunding campaign almost over, we’re looking to grow our team! First person we want to get on board is a chief tech wrangler.

Check out the job description below and get in touch if you think you could fit in with these clowns:Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.05.59 pm

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Equity Crowdfunding doesn’t sleep

Remember the movie Wall Street?

It’s that 126 minute long(fictional/realistic) summary of what’s completely wrong with the finance industry. There’s this particularly famous quote by the main character Gordon Gekko:

“Money never sleeps, pal!”


I’ve heard this quote recycled by Investment Bankers and Fund Managers in relation to their occupation and to capital raising.

We get it: you go hard or go home.

The irony is that they’re pretty wrong. They sleep, eat and (hopefully) exercise. Their work – unless seamlessly and continuously transferred from New York to Singapore to London – pauses with life outside the suit and glass skyscraper.

Equity Crowdfunding actually doesn’t sleep.

When we take breaks to live our lives like the rest of the world our technology and platform keeps turning over: pages load, videos stream, offer documents are read and money is invested. At all hours.

PledgeMe is now ten successful campaigns deep since Nov 2014. When our second capital raise closes at 6PM tomorrow we will have raised somewhere between $2.8 and $3.2 million dollars for Kiwi companies.

Ten successes later here is when pledgers utilise our our platform to invest**


  • All 24 hours have seen investors pledge on our platform
  • 45% of investors pledge between 6pm-midnight
  • 47% of investors pledge during ‘regular’ hours (9am-5:59pm)

Financial Technology has made Gordon Gekko’s mantra a reality in the investment context and PledgeMe is here to use the power for good not evil, pal.


** Yeastie Boys aren’t included because they’re awesome and raised a world record half a million dollars in half an hour and this would have messed all the data up (yes Yeasties’ you are the exception & not the norm)
** PledgeMe 2 – our second equity raise ins’t included because it closes tomorrow at 6PM

An Off-the-Leash Opportunity

Bow Wow Box coverDoes your dog’s breakfast look like… well, a dog’s breakfast? Looking for a way to feed your troublesome terrier that’s simple, straightforward, and pretty fun?

Enter Bow Wow Box, New Zealand’s first dog food delivery service. This company of dedicated dog-owners seeks to provide NZ’s dog owners with all-natural treats and toys sourced from NZ and beyond.


Although it was only begun in late 2014, the company already has over 400 subscribers, who delight in receiving their Bow Wow Box each month. They’ve delivered more than 4,000 boxes already – and they’re ready for some serious growth.


And serious growth looks pretty likely. With New Zealanders spending nearly $400 million on dog food each year, this is a huge market that’s just waiting to be tapped into. The pet food industry needs to get shaken up – and Bow Wow Box are the team to do it. They’re already halfway to their minimum goal!

So if you want to get on board with this tail-wagging triumph and help people and pooches all over the country, check out Bow Wow Box’s equity campaign now – you’d be barking mad not to invest.

Bill on investing in PledgeMe

With our equity campaign drawing to a close on Friday (so you better go pledge now!), we’ve been receiving a bunch of feedback about why people have helped crowdfund crowdfunding.

This particularly nice email came from Bill who runs Vapour.

I just wanted to say congratulations to the team on a another successful campaign.

For us we are always looking for opportunities to help small enterprises to flourish, grow and realise their full potential. Usually we do that by helping owners and their teams to crystallise their purpose, develop the principles they will operate by and measure performance to achieve success. We add value through our breath of skill and our depth of experience, connecting enterprises to others who can help them take the next step. But sometimes when we come across an enterprise which is investment ready we are also prepared to put our money where our mouth is and make a direct investment to show our support for and confidence in the people behind the venture. Having met a number of the people involved in Pledgeme over the last year we are confident you have then team to take it to the next level – good luck.

Nāku , me ngā mihi

Bill McDonald

Thanks, Bill! Awesome to know that you’re now part of the PledgeMe family and we’re really looking forward to including you in our journey to take this crazy train to the next level.

There is still time to get into the PledgeMe shareholder family. Head on over to our campaign and Pledge. You’ve got until 6PM on Friday.

Ain’t no party like a PledgeMe party

So PledgeMe recently turned three (and a third). And we figured, what better way to celebrate our third anniversary than with THREE awesome parties, with all our wonderful supporters??
First stop was Ivy Bar in Wellington, where people ran in from the rain to celebrate with stand-up, slam poetry, and some absolutely beautiful cake.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.09.40 pm

Next we met some rad Auckland peeps in the lovely Lucha Lounge, where we chatted the night away and got to enjoy some wonderful music and killer conversation!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.09.24 pm
Finally, we hit the shores of Canterbury for a wonderful sit-down dinner with our Christchurch crowd. It was bring-a-plate so cheese platters abounded – that might be why Anna looks so ecstatic in all these photos…
Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.09.31 pm

We had such an amazing time hanging out and partying with all of you, and we just want to say a huge thank you to our whole crowd!! Your support, enthusiasm and faith for these past three years (and a third) has been unrivalled, and we can’t wait to see what the years to come will hold in store. If you’re keen to become even more of a part of the PledgeMe family, you should take a look at our current crowdfunding campaign and get on board!

And if you want to see any more of our party pics, check out our album on Facebook – and thanks again!!


Crowdfunding crowdfunding 2.0

For those not yet aware, PledgeMe has just launched its second equity crowdfunding round!!! And we wanted to give you guys the down-low on why we’re crowdfunding crowdfunding once more.

lanacompy_opSince our last crowdfunding round, the amount pledged through our platform has doubled. We’ve had nine successful equity crowdfunding campaigns – four of which hit their maximum goals – and grown our team and wider community. But we don’t want that growth to stop anytime soon.

This is where you guys come in! In order to support the increasing number of campaigns and to keep evolving our product, we need to expand our team. To be able to do this, we’re looking to raise a minimum of $250,000, and up to $750,000 from our amazing crowd.250k_op

So if you weren’t speedy enough to get in last time, this is your chance. Help us help kiwis fund the things they care about, and invest now!


Hitting the max

Maxing out
Last week, two of our awesome equity campaigns reached their maximum funding goals.

Sorbet_-_productSorbet, a climate-neutral cosmetics company, turned to crowdfunding in order to set up their lab, activate their brand and enter a global market. They’ve already had huge success in reducing the environmental impact of beauty products – preventing the production of 32,000 bottles since their launch – and with this new capital and a great crowd of investors behind them, they’re set to change how the beauty industry operates even more.

Angel Food roughAngel Food, a plant-based food producer, looked to their crowd in order to develop their products and improve on their marketing and sales channels. Already a well-loved brand, Angel Food had no trouble bringing their loyal crowd of vegan and non-vegans alike to their side. With the help of this crowd and their capital, they can now grow their distribution, and continue to offer delicious, familiar, and affordable alternatives to animal products.

The amazing fundraising of these two companies is a testament to the strength of their crowds and their teams – and we think that’s pretty spectacular. We can’t wait to see what amazing stuff they get up to next!

Crowdfunding crowdfunding: ROUND TWO!

Last night at our three and a third birthday* we announced that we’re doing a second equity crowdfunding round. We want to grow crowdfunding in New Zealand and to do that we need our crowd’s help — that’s you!


Come have a slice of our cake by investing in PledgeMe

Our first round of equity crowdfunding last year was a huge success. We raised $100,000 in 23 hours so that we could mobilise the site, grow the team, and spread the crowdfunding gospel further.

We’ve totally nailed those goals in the past seven months. Our site is now optimised for mobile devices making it easier to pledge no matter where you are or what device you’re on. Our team has grown and we’ve bought some more key skills in house around customer support, design, accounting, communications, and more! And we’ve more than doubled the amount of money pledged through PledgeMe since we started three years ago in the last seven months alone. We’re now sitting at a cool $6.25 million raised compared to $2.8 million before we hit go on our equity campaign.

Now we want to grow crowdfunding even more!

In this next round we’ll be looking to raise a minimum of $250,000 so that we can do that.

If When our campaign is successful, we’ll use the money to bring in in-house tech skills, develop the product further to make it even easier to run campaigns and pledge on them, get even more team members on board, and further investigate debt crowdfunding, a secondary market, and expansion across the Tasman.

We hope to have the campaign up within the next two weeks. In the meantime, if you’re interested in investing in PledgeMe — we know there are at least 70 of you out there who missed out the first round — then please sign up to the newsletter below and we’ll send you more details when they’re ready.

Get the skinny on our next equity campaign

* indicates required

(NOTE: The above form seems to be on the go slow. You should recieve an email within a few minutes of hitting subscribe. Don’t get frustrated like I did and hit submit 50,000,000 times.)

*The party was awesome by the way, and is, in itself a reason why you should invest. We know how to throw a good party. We’ll be blogging about this tomorrow once the photos get developed ;). If you’re based in Auckland or Christchurch, you can still come celebrate with us, as we decided three parties was the best way to celebrate our third birthday.

Team PledgeMe celebrates their three and a third birthday. How could you not want to be part of this team?

Team PledgeMe celebrates their three and a third birthday. How could you not want to be part of this team?

Our Five Cleanest Campaigns Yet

Cleanest campaignsWe’ve gone equity campaign crazy here at PledgeMe! But the five equity campaigns we’ve got on the go aren’t just brilliant business opportunities – they’re also all working to keep it clean in NZ. Read on to find out more about these clever, cool, clean campaigns:

Liquid Waste Treatment Systems LimitedLWTS image

What they’re about: LWTS is first on our list, a Hawkes Bay company who’ve developed the technology required to treat NZ’swastewater more effectively.

 How they’re keepin’ it clean: Using aerobic granules, LWTS will achieve nitrification, de-nitrification, and biological phosphorus removal at an awesome rate. That’s science-talk for cleaner waterways, and a cleaner NZ. What’s not to like?

 Angel FoodAngel food twitter

What they’re about: the team at Angel Food create alternative foods for people on plant-based diets. They provide tasty choices for mindful eaters, with everything from dairy-free cheese sauces to egg-free magic meringues.

How they’re keepin’ it clean: in a world where our diets are becoming increasingly out of control, Angel Food offers clean-eating alternatives made right here in NZ. Sounds like a pretty spotless suggestion to us.

Tapp LimitedTapp blog header

What they’re about: Ever find calling a cab a drag? Tapp’s taxi app will connect passengers and drivers in real-time, creating a cardless, cashless, and super-streamlined transaction.

How they’re keepin’ it clean: Tapp could change the whole way we travel; taking cars off the road and supporting taxi drivers too. Fewer cars on the road plus happier drivers equals one clean campaign!

Powerhouse Wind Limited
Halfway point

What they’re about: this Dunedin-based tech startup are turning to equity crowdfunding to bring their new turbine, the ThinAir, to a wider marketplace.

How they’re keepin’ it clean: Powerhouse Wind provides kiwis with household wind turbines, offering an energy alternative that’s not only affordable and efficient, but clean and renewable. And we’re clearly not the only ones who think so – Powerhouse’s crowd have got behind them too, helping them power through their halfway point yesterday. Clean energy is clearly killin’ it.

Sorbet by Ethique Limited 

SorbetWhat they’re about: Sorbet launched their equity campaign with us last night at 7pm; funding their hair and skin care line which consists of simple, solid, concentrated products that deliver on results.

How they’re keepin’ it clean: Sorbet isn’t just helping to keep our bodies squeaky-clean: they’re doing the same for the environment. All Sorbet products are long-lasting, sustainably created, and distributed in waste-free packaging. Certified climate-neutral, this company is changing the landscape of the cosmetics world and offering consumers an environmentally-friendly option. If that’s not a clean campaign, we don’t know what is!

So there you have it! Five squeaky-clean campaigns that are doing as much for the environment as they can do for you. Check out all their campaign pages for more information, and help them keep NZ clean.

PledgeMe’s Third Birthday! (and a third)


If there’s one thing the PledgeMe posse knows, it’s how to party. We love nothing more than some groovy beats, good food and great company. But with how busy we’ve been lately – did we mention we’ve been busy? – we shot right past our third birthday without so much as a party popper to celebrate.

This must be remedied.

And because we don’t believe in doing things by halves (or thirds), we’ll be throwing not one, not two, but THREE enormous PledgeMe bonanzas to celebrate all of our accomplishments, and all of yours. We’ll have stories from current campaigns, awesome alumni and we’ll be toasting to three spectacular years and over 840 successful campaigns. But here’s the best bit: you’re all invited!!

So whether you’re closest to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, grab a friend or ten, click on the links below and RSVP – we can’t wait to see you there.

Wellington: Basque, June 18th, 6-8pm.

Auckland: The Lucha Lounge, June 25th, 6-9pm.

Christchurch: XCHC, June 30th, 6-8pm.